Betto Alarcon
Vice Pres. &
Music Dept Director
1983-1985    School of Bachelors 1917 Constitution Xalapa Ver.
1985-1989    Faculty of Music at the Universidad Veracruzana. Xalapa Ver. Violin career.
1987-1989    Master Tecnique of Bass applied to modern music Conservatory of the Universidad Veracruzana. Xalapa Ver. Harmony
1989-1990    Advanced Master Class with renowned Mexican musician. Pepe Gonzales Xalapa Ver.
1990-1991    Seminar on the Gregorian modes in the workshop of musicians from Cancun Quintana Roo.
1991-1994    Master Class guitar technique, speedpicking, tapping, legato, bending, tremolo.
1992-1994    Master Class Saxophone techniques in the workshop of musicians from Cancun Quintana Roo.
1995-1996    Master Class on musical computer and its applications. Hardware, Software, MIDI, Taller de Musics of Barcelona Spain.
1996-1998    Seminar at the Taller de Musica in Barcelona Spain on modern music, Funk, Fusion Jazz, Hip Hopy trends of the time.
2001-2003    Master Class on Level Pitch Vocal technique with Professor Elizabeth Martinez graduated from BerkleeCollege of Music USA. Barcelona, ​​Spain.
2003-2005    Master Class at the Aula de Musics of Barcelona, ​​Armonia, dominant and secondary progressions
At the age of four years started playing the guitar, taking part in numerous activities in kindergarten. In 1984 and with 15 years made his first tour abroad, covering the states of Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma in the US, with the Society of the Pedagogical University of Veracruz. Playing different string and percussion instruments such as the guitar, the revelry, the vihuela, the bass guitar, harp, huehuetl, teponaxtli and others belonging to Mexican culture.  
1985          he participates in music festival in Texas City, performing music of Veracruz with Harp, Jaranas and Requinto Jarocho.en which was                      honored Mexican singer Emmanuel.  
1985-1988 is the creator of the group of Latin American music Vinisquiché, sponsored by the Pedagogical University of Veracruz. Playing all                           kinds of instruments of wind, string and percussion folklore throughout Latin américa.Kenas, KenachosSampoñas or SikusTarkas,                       Rondador, charango, Bombo Lehuero, Venezuelan Cuatro, Paraguayan harp, Venezuelan Harp, Harp Veracruzana, Jaranas jarocho                       Huapangueras Violins Etc. Performing concerts throughout the territory of Veracruz. And participating regularly with the TV                                   channel 4 + Xalapa. 
1985-1988  he joined the musical group Los Katt's Xalapa See, as a guitarist, bassist and singer. Participating in television programs of                                      Veracruz and performing in several states of the Mexican Republic.
1988-1989  he joined the folkloric company Convention Center Cancun, Quintana Roo. Where it plays an important role as a soloist, being the                        youngest of all.
1989-1990  Co-founder of the musical-vocal group "MillionMusic" of Xalapa  playing the role of guitarist and singer. 
1990-1991  Make artistic works in the Intercontinental Hotel in Cancun, as multi-instrumentalist and singer.
1991-1994  He joined the Singing Group of America, at the Sheraton Resort in Cancun, as a musician and singer.
1994-1995  Make artistic works in the Camino Real Hotel, the city of Cancun, which shares the stage with the famous singer Tony Williams ThePlatters.
1995-2000 Moves his residence to Barcelona, ​​Spain and joined the International Orchestra "Janio Marti Orchestra and Chorus" as lead singer,                       guitarist and percussionist. Responsible for creating vocal arrangements. Touring through Finland, Munich, France, Morocco and                           the Canary Islands. Also participating in several national television programs.
2000-2013 Creates  hisr own musical-vocal group "Almas Gemelas" being the musical director, arranger and mainly emphasizing the                                       harmonic-vocal work. Playing the piano, guitar, saxophone and singing as soloist.
 2013-2015 Moves to Miami Florida, where he meets Recognized Vocal Coach and singer Jackie Arredondo, makes him Director of the Music                            Dept and instructor of guitar, bass and Lap Steel Guitar for JAAW ACADEMY.  Also becomes her guitarist playing all her Country                              Music Shows.
2014- 2015 Collaborates concrescent MoonStudios the renowned producer Emilio Estefan, making BackgroundVocals.
Aug 2015    Partners up with Jackie Arredondo in the opening of a second music academy JACKIE ARREDONDO’S MUSIC WORLD becoming its                          VP and Music Dept. Director.