SABADO GIGANTE'S  favorite VOCAL COACH & Expert Panel President in competitions


Music has been the international language for centuries and has proved a long lasting presence in our lives.  It is in our media, our homes and day to day social functions.
Jackie Arredondo’s Music World is a high end music school with a reputation for integrity, striving in excellence in servicing students with quality musical instruction.

Jackie Arredondo’s Music World was founded by Jackie Arredondo, who has worked in the industry for over 40 years and has been teaching voice for 19 years. She became a vocal coach at an early age while studying music in the United States in the best schools in the city of Miami, FL, where her own teachers discovered she possessed an enormous gift for teaching. Her instructors found that she had the ability to achieve results in students that many vocal coaches could not. Jackie so effortlessly and quickly would capture the weakest points from students getting them to do things with their voices they never dreamed they could.    Arredondo got so well known in the industry for her unique teaching method “SINGING BY SENSATION”.  This method achieves 50% more progress than training with your average vocal coach and it was teaching method that attracted the attention of music producers, promoters and songwriters. Soon Arredondo began to prepare artists for very important people in the Hispanic music industry.  This very unusual method  caught the eye of record executives at Sony Music Latin and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse by giving her the opportunity of a lifetime. Sony Music Latin made Jackie their vocal instructor handing to her all their rough talent to train, polish and turn into stars. What Jackie never imagined was that this opportunity, after 9 years, would land her the first gig in a Hispanic reality show where she would appear as a vocal instructor for TELEMUNDO/NBC giving her the chance to take her work from in between four walls to 30 countries through the small screen.  
By her 4th Hispanic reality show, and after being categorized as one of the best vocal instructors for the Hispanic music industry, Emilio Estefan took interest in her and swept her away to instruct his reality show. This attracted the attention of one of the most powerful RNB producers, Sean “PUFF DADDY” Combs. Here she was given the opportunity to train Puff Daddy’s first Latin artist for his Hispanic Label “BAD BOY LATINO”
Jackie Arredondo, now having a name with enough weight in the Hispanic music industry as a vocal instructor for reality television attracted attention once again, this time from another major television network “UNIVISION”. She was hired to train singing competitions for their highest rating variety show, giving her yet a more challenging task by allowing her to co-produce their segment by giving it a reality show image.  This caught the eye of record industry mogul, TOMMY MOTTOLA (Mariah Carey's discoverer). Arredondo would train for him one of the most famous divas in the Hispanic music and television industry as it is THALIA.


Arredondo has continued to work for SABADO GIGANTE and in 2015 she had trained 5 Reality segment seasons for the show having instructed 11 reality shows in total to date.
Jackie has collaborated in the studio with artists as Gloria Estefan, Brenda K. Star, Son by Four, Julio Iglesias, Jr., Jaci Velasquez, Phillip Michael Thomas and Paulina Rubio among others. She has worked with extraordinary record producers as Rick Wake (producer for Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston) and KC from KC and The Sunshine Band among others. Working with this group of major producers, Arredondo has prepared artists for labels such as Universal Music, Bad Boy Latino, Sony, BMG and Warner Chapel among others.   She has also trained artists such as  Prince  Royce, Christian Daniel, Thalia, Maria Conchita Alonso, Rita Moreno, boy group sensation MENUDO and TV personality Dr. Nancy Alvarez who are among the many others she has worked with.  FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT 
Now that Ms. Arredondo has accomplished so much in the music industry, she is ready to expand and put together the strongest music instruction team to make Jackie Arredondo’s Music World a unique and successful venture that will open a world of possibilities for all amateur and aspiring artists.




Our mission is to expand the student’s artistic talent to enable them to develop a successful and creative professional career in the music industry. Our purpose is to recruit, develop and retain a high performing and motivated student body who is inspired to achieve high musical ability standards for music competitions.  We are committed to assist our students to achieve their greatest artistic potential through the arts by offering courses by a highly trained faculty diverse in the latest state of the arts techniques in a safe, caring, supportive and highly motivated environment.  We offer a varied music program with price options for all levels and all ages.  Our instructors have access to continual up-to-date musical techniques and access to the latest music trends.  We welcome a diversity of people and will maintain a non-smoking environment.  We have another important mission which is, to develop a low income program for those with talent and in need, and create fund raisers to make their music dreams come true. 
Maintaining a music school with a warm, supportive atmosphere, which is based on satisfying customers.
Provide a social and entertainment forum for people of all ages with diverse musical interests.
Provide musical training through voice or the instrument of their choice for all levels, from beginners to advance.
Provide continual training, benefits and incentives such as seminars by well known singers, musicians, producers, record label executives, promoters, artist managers and agents to our staff to encourage a long-term commitment of employees.
Present periodic showcases produced exquisitely by musical show producers where our students can showcase their musical talents to music producers, record label executives, managers, agents, radio personalities, media, friends and family with the intention of creating interest among the professionals in the audience for the possibility of artist recruitment either for recording contracts, musician gigs and any other contracts for the hiring in the arts.
holds a staff of A+ instructors.  We are highly trained to prepare singers and musicians for talent competitions or for talent reality TV shows.  We are highly qualified with a list of celebritties that count on us for their needs. We believe in making singers and musicians to be the best in their field giving them a personal attention and attending every single musical need.
is located in the city of Miami, Florida and   provides the community with a comfortable, friendly and qualified environment in which to learn the art of music.  We offer private and group lessons in certain areas of music.  Music is popular all over the world.  As a result, we cater a wide cross section of customers from Dade, Broward and the Palm Beaches.  Our school appeals to aspiring artists of all ages and musical abilities who are looking for creative musical expression and other opportunities offered through the arts.
I had the pleasure of using Jackie Arredondo for several tasks and musical services, such as collaborating with her voice by singing background vocals for Gloria Estefan in the sound track of “Desperate Housewive” CD, as a vocal coach for some of my recording productions such like Thalia, among many others.  Also Jackie Arredondo was the vocal expert for the reality show I produced in 2005 “VOCES DE AMERICA”.  Jackie aside from being the vocal instructor was the person responsible of developing the vocal quality for the show.  Jackie has shown, besides having an excellent voice and talent, an enormous passion to the work that involves her teaching at a great degree of professionalism and dedication to every project that she comes into.  I highly recommend her to anyone and due to her grade of expertise I am certain she will be a great asset to any organization, project or business that she gets involved in.
Emilio Estefan